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Caroline Hardaker

Caroline Hardaker was born in the North East in 1986, and has lived there ever since, mostly in Newcastle. By day she writes for a fair trade organisation, and by night she is a successful fibre art sculptor, popular with collectors around the world. She always carries a rucksack with her, in case she should be swept off on an adventure. Her debut pamphlet of poetry, Bone Ovation, was published by Valley Press in October 2017.


Bone Ovation

Paperback - Add To Basket

Bird, beast or man, we each have the same element at our core: bones. While our forms may change, the bones always remain – and in this thrilling debut, the poet celebrates their beauty and structure though folk tales, philosophy, daydreams and night terrors.

Aided by a host of characters including a girl who fell in love with a mountain, a woman who can only ever look at you sideways, and a man made of bees, within this slim volume Caroline Hardaker creates a dozen unforgettable worlds entirely her own.

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