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Ian Stuart

Ian Stuart was born in Lancashire in 1945, and has lived in Leeds, Manchester, Derbyshire and on the Isle of Man. He worked as a teacher for thirty years, but is now a Ghost Trail Guide in York. His poems have been widely published in Yorkshire-based journals and magazines, and a debut pamphlet, Quantum Theory for Cats, will be published by Valley Press on December 1st.


Quantum Theory for Cats

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After giving a voice to both of Schrödinger’s pets (grumpy, and largely conceptual), Ian Stuart shows us a touching scene after spontaneous tears in Waterstones, moving seamlessly between wit and profundity.

Meanwhile, there are funerals and regrets, a doppelganger gives the author something to aspire to, and we hear stories from the homeless, the bus pass holders, and the unborn. Moving gracefully between humour and tragedy, this is a long-overdue introduction to an intriguing new voice in UK poetry.

Join us for the launch party – from 7pm on the 1st December, at Waterstones York

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