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Valley Press Submissions

Dear writers,

Valley Press is currently open to submissions, seeking new titles for publication in autumn 2019. We are a particularly open-minded publisher, and as such welcome works in virtually any genre, of any length, and from authors at any stage of their career. In 2018 alone we are publishing poetry, novels, short stories, flash fiction, essays, music history, graphic novels, travel writing and memoir – and we wouldn't mind expanding further. Surprise us!

To enter, you simply need to fill out a short web form, and follow the instructions to email us your manuscript. This current window runs for four months, closing on July 31st 2018, and it's our intention that every submitter will have heard back within 30 days of that date.

The only catch is that all submitters must purchase a book through this website to apply (either paperback or hardback), and enter the transaction ID from that purchase when filling out the form. See the FAQ section below for information on why this is the case, whether there are exceptions, and answers to any other questions you might have.
For any extra queries, please get in touch via the contact page. Otherwise, best of luck, and we look forward to reading your manuscripts!

All best,
the VP team

P.S. If you'd like to get involved in the process, we'd be glad to have you on our volunteer email 'reader's group', offering your feedback on the most promising new manuscripts we receive. To sign up, get in touch with the submissions department here.

P.P.S. VP founder Jamie McGarry recently gave an interview to Writing Magazine about the current subs window. If you'd like a little extra inside information, you can read it here.


Q: Why do I need to buy a book to submit?
A: As a writer, you'll have noticed that open submissions are not the norm within the publishing industry. Some publishers invite authors to enter a 'competition', charging entry fees which pay the judges for their time; others accept work solely through literary agents, leaning on them for the initial reading and sifting; some rely on personal recommendations and word-of-mouth.

Our solution is the 'buy a book' method, which ensures no-one leaves the process empty-handed, rewards our regular customers (for whom submissions are essentially free), and provides just enough extra funding to employ the staff in our submissions department. Our books start from £3.99; we hope you agree this is a fairly reasonable arrangement.

Q: I'm unable to buy a book, does this mean I absolutely cannot submit?
A: To ensure no one is unfairly excluded, Valley Press Directors Jamie and Laura McGarry have set aside a small pot of money to buy books on behalf of anyone who is genuinely unable to purchase one, for whatever reason. If you feel this applies to you, please contact Laura on and let her know the situation.

Q: I don't live in the UK, can I still submit?
A: Yes, we very much encourage submissions from international authors. In recent years we have signed writers from China, Michigan and Bermuda (as well as some who live just a few minutes from our office!), so location isn't a major factor in our decisions.

Q: If accepted, will I need to pay any fees or costs towards publication?
A: No. We are a traditional publisher, in the sense that we cover all the costs of publication, and pay the author a percentage of income from sales (also known as a 'royalty'). The author receives a handful of free copies of their book, and if they need more, are invited to buy them at the net cost price.

Q: What are my chances of success?
A: Historically, we have accepted 1 out of every 100 submissions received. So not too bad! If you like those odds, you'll find the form here.

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